67 Orange

67 Orange has been on my list for two years. I heard so much about their specialty cocktails and I was excited to finally check it out. It is a super low key bar, often called a speakeasy. There is no signage in front, so you have to just go in and hope you are in [...]

After 7: at The Underbar

The first time I went to After 7:, it was my birthday and I was alone. Don't feel bad for me though, I was alone because I wanted to be. I just wanted to do a mini, solo bar crawl and Underbar was the first stop. I can't even tell you how I heard about [...]

Caribbean Corner Mondays at Mist

All I have to say is $5* oxtail!     I came through Mist to check out their Caribbean Corner Mondays. A friend mentioned a $5* oxtail plate and I had to see it for myself. I got there about 8:30 pm. It wasn’t crowded but there were a decent amount of people there. The [...]

Serengeti Tea

I was planning to meet with a new friend and check out a new spot at the same time. It was a chilly, overcast Sunday evening and what could be better than tea on a day like that? It was a short walk from the A/B/C/D train, just past the Magic Johnson theater. As soon [...]

The Crabby Shack

Calling all seafood lovers! If you live anywhere in NYC and have not hit up The Crabby Shack- your crustacean card is revoked! It was a beautiful Saturday, I had just gotten off of work and I had been fiending for crab for weeks. My friend and I decided to head to Brooklyn to see what [...]