After 7: at The Underbar

The first time I went to After 7:, it was my birthday and I was alone. Don’t feel bad for me though, I was alone because I wanted to be. I just wanted to do a mini, solo bar crawl and Underbar was the first stop.

I can’t even tell you how I heard about the event but my first guess is probably Instagram. I got there at about 9:30. I walked up to an unmarked door and knocked, though I am pretty sure I could have just turned the knob. I wasn’t about to just roll up opening doors. A burly ass dude let me in and asked me for the password…I think it was Phylicia Rashad, he took my jacket and I went downstairs.

Photo: @cestmoipaulette
Photo: @cestmoipaulette


There was a handful of folks there and it was definitely an after work vibe. I sat at the bar and ordered a whiskey sour from the friendly, cute bartender and just soaked in the scene. They had tunes playing and I think I they had playing basketball on the tv screens.

Photo: @cestmoipaulette


At about 10 or 10:30, my chair got snatched, the tv went black and dude told me it was because it was going to start to get busy. The vibe changed and I felt more appropriate in my holey ass jeans. I was about 3 whiskeys in and I was ready. The next time I looked up the place was almost full.

Photo: @cestmoipaulette
Photo: @cestmoipaulette


The DJ was spinning afrobeat,  which is my shit, Dancehall, Hip Hop/Trap and I danced away the last hour of my birthday before heading out. The crowd was beautiful, sexy folks and no one seemed afraid of a little sweat. I knew that I’d be back.

Photo: Elliott Ashby


The second time I went I got there at 11pm and the party was in full swing. Some pretty man bought me a drink and I was feeling lucky. I danced, I mingled ran into some cool people I didn’t expect to see. After 7 is definitely #themewve.


Photo: Elliott Ashby

After 7: is usually on a Thursday but it’s not a weekly event so stop by and check #themewve Event Calendar for the next one!

Photo: Elliott Ashby



Harlem, NYC

280 1/2 West 115th St
New York, NY 10026

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