The Shed Open Jam

I first heard about #theshedopenjam from my homeboy and all around talented human Elliott Ashby. I went there by myself, which is how I usually roll. At the time it was held at Silvana, which is a cool spot I frequent that has live music most evenings and a DJ late nights.


The event is hosted by Anu~Sun(a Grammy-nominated songwriter, producer, and drummer), and it is basically an open-mic where there is a sign-up list and you go up and do your thing. I was blown away by the band and talented people who gifted us with their voices, instruments, and lyricism. Y’all, you might just get to see one of your favorite R&B singers letting loose on the mic. The crowd is NYC’s artists and musicians and I won’t even mention the serious eye candy.


Photo Courtesy of Elliott Ashby



The Shed is now held at Gin Fizz on 125th and Lenox. Just a milly rock away from Red Rooster. Every other Wednesday, come through, have a drink and enjoy all the talent NYC has to offer for FREE. (It is no longer free. There is now a $5 cover charge but it’s worth it!)


Photo Courtesy of Elliott Ashby


My advice, come early if you want a seat. It starts around 9 pm and goes until midnight. It is almost always standing room only but that’s cool too if you like to groove. I’ve taken at least a dozen friends to this event and it is ALWAYS a hit!

Take a peek at our Calendar to stay in the know!


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Photo’s Courtesy of Elliott Ashby

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