Unbothered: A Guide to Inner Peace

In the past few years, I have noticed that the way I cope in stressful situations has changed dramatically. Things that would usually have me cursing, crying and ready to fight- just don’t seem that serious anymore. I’m not talking about apathy. I talking about inner peace.

I took a few moments to reflect on how I got to this place and came up with this list.

1. I mind my own business. I don’t worry about who’s not doing their job at work. I just make sure I am doing my best.


2. I keep busy doing things that I enjoy. I am always working on my blog, reading, taking pictures and planning out my goals. I am too busy loving my life to be pulled too long into anyone else’s misery.

3. I take the time to empathize with anyone who is doing me wrong. I try to understand why they are doing the bullcrap no matter how wrong they are.

4. I don’t take anything personally. Other people’s actions are a reflection of them, not me.

5. I sever ties with ANYONE who impedes on my happiness. Without apologies, without guilt. Bye, ma’am. Good day, sir. You are not necessary and I will have more joy in my life without you.


6. I count my blessings. Especially when things are going wrong. I express gratitude for all that is going right.

7. Whenever I have a problem I try not to dwell on the issue. I spend my mental and emotional energy on what I CAN actually do to change the situation or how I feel about it.

8. This should be #1! I try to eat healthy, whole foods as much as possible. I take vitamin D3 and an iron complex. I also exercise and keep myself up. For me, eating right and taking supplements has had a HUGE impact on how I feel and how I deal in stressful situations.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get upset about things but never for long and the way I react pushes me closer to where I want to be in life.

In the words of Jouelzy, “Stay Blessed and Unbothered.”


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